William Malachi Nathan, a San Diego native born Californian, has been performing music as his main passion throughout his whole life.  His music is a combination of R&B, Hip Hop, Smooth Jazz,  Pop, and Funk with a side of Classical. He plays the Electric Bass Guitar,  Acoustic Bass Guitar, and Double Bass Violin.  The current music scene has created a season of studio work and his creations that have been on the backburner and are now ready to be showcased.  Previously, his main performances were at outdoor venues and weddings or private parties. This season has changed all of those opportunities. The future is a variety of technology based presentations direct from the studio or the venue.  The audience is now can range from International to Local and Regional.

The history of where Malachi has been goes from being involved as a  backup musician in his early days, jamming with other musicians whenever they had opportunities to collaborate. He moved from being in bands to being the band leader. His own corporation,  JAMB Productions, advanced him forward to producing other musicians and assisting them with their career dreams.  He landed the opportunities to play in the orchestra for a dramatic production, for a television program, a music video,  movie song title introduction,  all featuring his image or actual footage of him playing in the productions. HIs big break would be the 75th Academy Awards where he is a featured Double Bass musician  with Queen Latifah and Catherine Zeta-Jones song from Chicago. View Video:

Later a local production of Body Language a play about Patti LaBelle went to Washington, D.C. and featured him as the first chair Double Bass. an production directed by Michael Ajawke Jr.  William is an exceptional classically trained musician, who also is a composer,  producer,  arranger,  band leader, a performer and the CEO of his production company JAMB Productions, Inc.  His abilities has maintained a lifelong list of friends and supporters which can now enjoy each other through the multimedia sites.

William Malachi Nathan's latest original promotional package is entitled: "Pick Pocket" and will soon be available here for purchase and accessible through various sites.  The song is dedicated to the year 2020, when it feels like everything has been picking our pockets.  Until it arrives visit where he is "Bringing the Best in Live Entertainment" in 2020 with his cover band: William Nathan and The Elements LIVE. 

William is currently open to employment by pursuing the projects, events, and collaboration opportunities that other musicians and businesses are designing with this new season in music entertainment.  He has always been a dedicated team player, a detail-orientated person, who always pursues excellence where he has committed his time and talents.  He believes in business ethics and demands that his associates expect those priorities also. Maintaining relationships over the years, he has many excellent references to demonstrate his dedication.  This website is his way of sharing his skills and expertise.